The Head Start Program
Our centers will be for the remainder of the school year.
RCS Head Start has developed a plan to provide lesson plans for students and their parents to use at home to keep their academic progress moving forward during school closures. During this time if you have any concerns or needs please call your child's center or the main office at 336-629-5141.
RCS Head Start at Home Activities
Monday 5/11 through Friday 5/15
Large Motor Activity Alphabet Yoga- using your body to make different letters of the alphabet
Story Time Activity • 
• Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 

Developmental Learning Area & Activity Cutting and identifying letters out of magazines, newspaper, cereal boxes, junk mail etc.  
After cutting out letters- play “Freeze” on the letter and have your child identify the letter.
Singing the Alphabet song (fast and slow) 

Social Emotional Development Activity 
“Don’t worry Be happy with Akili” 

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