Previous Lesson Plans
Monday 4/20 through Friday 4/24
Large Motor Activity Obstacle Course: Help your child create an obstacle course with items from around your house. Take turns with your child going through the course. Rearrange items to make a new course and continue with the fun!
Story Time Activity
Developmental Learning Area & Activity Social Studies/Language/Creative Arts: Have your child draw a picture of your family. Have them talk about the members of your family and discuss their various roles. For example: Children may be responsible for picking up toys and keeping their room clean. Who cooks? Who does laundry? Who works outside the home? What do they do? Etc.
Social Emotional Development Activity Identifying Feelings: Have your child make different faces (angry, mad, happy, excited, etc.) while looking in a mirror. Discuss the different types of expressions that they make and talk about the many emotions that we experience.
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Monday 4/27 through Friday 5/1
Large Motor Activity Ask your child to talk about the types of animals that are found on a farm.
Children pretend to be a herd of wild horses who gallop and graze within their habitat.
Story Time Activity • The Farmer & the Dell 
• Old MacDonald Had A Farm 

Developmental Learning Area & Activity Nature and Science: Ask your child to create farms and ranches, barns and corrals with the blocks.  
Art: Describe & draw the type of shelter used by farm animals. 

Social Emotional Development Activity Poem: Five Farmers  
Five little farmers woke up with the sun. (hold up hand) 
It was early morning and the chores must be done. 
The first little farmer went out to milk the cow. (hold up thumb) 
The second little farmer thought he'd better plow. (hold up index finger) 
The third little farmer cultivated weeds. (hold up middle finger) 
The fourth little farmer planted more seed. (hold up fourth finger) 
The fifth little farmer drove his tractor round. (hold up last finger) 
Five little farmers, the best that can be found. (hold up hand)