Welcome to the Webpage 

Dear Families, 
Welcome to RCS Head Start! We are very excited to be working with you and your children! 
This handbook has information that we felt would be important to you. Please keep it in a special place this year so you can refer to it when you have questions or need information about Head Start. 
This handbook will not have all of the answers. We invite you to talk with staff often, and to call the administrative staff (including myself) at 336-629-5141. Please feel free to call administrative and management staff from your child’s center – just see a staff member to assist you with using our phones. 
Let us know how we can make this handbook, your child’s Head Start experience, or any other aspect of the program better by contacting staff and by participating in Parent Committee and other meetings and by participating in our annual self-assessment during the spring.  
Always remember, YOU are the first and the most influential teacher in your child’s life. Let’s partner together this year to enrich each other’s lives! We look forward to partnering with you at RCS Head Start!