WRAP Around (Extended Day) Services
The Wrap Around Program was developed to provide families with parents that work with extended hours of child care. If your child is eligible for this program, he or she can receive child care between the hours of 6:30 AM and 6:00 PM before and after the Head Start day and on teacher workdays. 

Requesting Service 
When a Family Advocate enrolls your child, you should be informed of the Wrap Around services available through the subsidized childcare voucher system. 
As parents of a Head Start child, you must contact your local Department of Social Services (DSS) and make an appointment to complete a written application/voucher form. 
If you are eligible for a subsidized childcare services voucher, the county DSS will issue a Child Day Care Voucher for each eligible child. The DSS worker, based on your need and income, determines eligibility. When eligibility has been determined and fees established, you must present the approved voucher to the site Child Development Coordinator or your Family Advocate. The site Child Development Coordinator will complete and sign the voucher and return the appropriate copy to DSS. 
Individuals who are eligible for Wrap Around services may be charged a fee of just 7% - 9% of the cost of childcare. 
Fees are due by the first working day of each month. All payments are to be paid prior to receiving service. 
No fees are charged for Wrap Around services provided to recipients of Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), recipients of Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI), and children with no income living with someone other than their biological or adoptive parents or who are living with someone who does not have court-ordered financial responsibility. 
Failure to pay fees regularly and on time may result in termination of day care services, and if you leave a day care provider owing fees you will not be allowed to receive assistance through any Department of Social Services until those fees are paid in full. 
When a child begins or terminates Wrap Around services in the middle of the month, the site Child Development Coordinator computes the fee for that month by multiplying the number of days the child was enrolled by the daily fee amount. 
Any parent or guardian failing to pick up children by the time designated on their voucher may be reported to the appropriate Department of Social Services official per RCS Head Start late pick-up policy. 

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